Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Hot Weather Tips for Cats & Dogs – Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy!

From: Pet Sit Pros bulldogchillin Made in the Shade Pets can get dehydrated quickly, so give them plenty of fresh, clean water when it’s hot outdoors. Make sure the pets have a shady place to get out of the sun, be careful to not over-exercise them, and keep them indoors when it’s extremely hot. Know the Warning Signs  Symptoms of overheating in pets include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, mild weakness, stupor or even collapse. They can also include seizures, bloody diarrhea and vomit along with an elevated body temperature of over 104 degrees. Animals with flat faces, like Pugs and Persian cats, are more susceptible to heat stroke since they cannot pant as effectively. These pets, along with the elderly, the overweight, and those with heart or lung diseases, should be kept cool in air-conditioned rooms as much as possible.   Be cautious on humid days. Humidity interferes with animals’ ability to rid them of excess body heat. When we overheat we sweat, and when the sweat dries it takes excess heat with it. Our four-legged friends only perspire around their paws, which is not enough to cool the body. To rid themselves of excess heat, animals pant. Air moves through the nasal passages, which picks up excess heat from the body. As it is expelled through the mouth, the extra heat leaves along with it. Although this is a very efficient way to control body heat, it is severely limited in areas of high humidity or when the animal is in close quarters. Make sure the pet doesn’t overexert herself. Though exercise is an important part of keeping the dog or cat at a healthy weight, which helps their body stay cool, overdoing it can cause them to overheat. Keep the walks to a gentle pace and make sure they have plenty of water. If they are panting a lot or seems exhausted, it’s time to stop. Take it easy on pets that can’t deal with the heat. Elderly, very young, and ill animals have a hard time regulating their body temperature, so make sure they stay cool and out of the sun on steamy summer days. Dogs with snub noses, such as Pekingese, pugs, and bulldogs, have a hard time staying cool because they can’t pant efficiently, so they also need to stay out of the heat. Overweight dogs are also more prone to overheating, because their extra layers of fat act as insulation, which traps heat in their bodies and restricts their breathing capabilities. Bring them inside. Animals shouldn’t be left outside unsupervised on long, hot days, even in the shade. Shade can move throughout the afternoon, and pets can become ill quickly if they overheat, so keep them inside as much as possible. If you must leave the pet in the backyard, keep a close eye on them and bring them in when you can. Keep an eye out for heatstroke. Heatstroke is a medical emergency. If you suspect the pet has heatstroke (see “Signs of Heatstroke,” below), you must act quickly and calmly. Have someone call a veterinarian immediately. In the meantime, lower the animal’s body temperature by applying towels soaked in cool water to the hairless areas of the body. Often the pet will respond after only a few minutes of cooling, only to falter again with his temperature soaring back up or falling to well below what is normal. With this in mind, remember that it is imperative to get the animal to a veterinarian immediately. Even with emergency treatment, heatstroke can be fatal. The best cure is prevention, and Fido and Fluffy are relying on you to keep them out of harm’s way. Summer does not have to be fraught with peril…with ample pre-caution; both you and your furry friends can enjoy those long, hot dog days of summer.

Signs of Heatstroke:


*                Panting

*                  Staring

*                  Anxious expression

*                  Refusal to obey commands

*                  Warm, dry skin


New Pet Franchise Capitalizing on Rapid Growth in Pet Care Industry

New Pet Franchise Capitalizing on Rapid Growth in Pet Care Industry
Pet Sit Pros, Inc. a pet franchise with 3 locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, California is now offering territories throughout California and 36 other states! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pet Sit Pros, Inc. New Pet Franchise Capitalizing on Rapid Growth in Pet Care Industry! (Press Release)August 1, 2013Long Beach, CAPet Sit Pros, Inc., (PSP), has just announced they are opening franchise territories throughout California and 36 other states in the U.S.  PSP is currently pursuing the right persons to be the new franchisee owners for each new location. Pet Care Businesses have been all the rage across the United States for the past few years. Pet Care has proven to be one of the only recession proof industries experiencing growth every year since the 2008 economic downturn. Small Business Opportunities Magazine ranked pet sitting as the #1 Home Based Business for 2012. See the story here. Now the economy is back on track and the pet care industry is projected to earn more than $60 billion in 2013 almost an 8% increase over 2012. That 8% increase represents $4.5 billion! Whose pockets will that money go into? How about yours? Pet Sit Pros, is a leader in the Southern California pet sitting and dog walking market. Our high tech business model has proven to be highly profitable. We are sharing our expertise through our franchise program. We currently have 3 locations serving clients in 15 cities in 2 Southern California Counties. Each new location will be individually owned and run by a franchisee owner, but with tremendous support from the founder and President of the company, Jay Goldfischer.  PSP franchisees will work together in a new franchisee cohort on planning and executing marketing plans, community events and have a stake in each other’s success. PSP’s founder and President, Jay Goldfischer is a New Jersey native who grew up in Teaneck, NJ and attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ where he earned both his BA and Master’s Degree. In the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001 he moved to Long Beach, CA where he works as a high school teacher. The idea for Pet Sit Pros came about in 2008 after Goldfischer had some bad kennel experiences where his dog came home sick from the kennel each time he went away. As a result, he started Pet Sit Pros under the premise that the safest place for your pet when you go away is at home with a professional who loves them. “The model of in home pet sitting has really taken off the last few years as a great alternative to kenneling or boarding your pets” stated Goldfischer. Owners of the franchises will live in the town and area they serve, so they are already familiar and rooted in the community. They will cultivate close relationships with their clients and their communities. Each new franchise owner will be certified in Pet CPR & First Aid just as every employee and current franchise owner of PSP’s locations are. Each new owner gets training, full support from the PSP staff to get started and Goldfischer is always available to help them when needed. Our business model focuses on using the latest technology available to simplify the tasks of scheduling, training, communicating, invoicing, billing and accounting. Typically, pet sitting businesses are pretty mom and pop old school style with little technology and lots of paperwork. Pet Sit Pros will lead the industry into the 21st century with cutting edge technologies aimed at simplifying the experience for business owners, employees and clients so they can focus on what’s most important…. the pets they care for. Franchise costs are reasonable, and owners work out of their home office and out in the community doing pet sitting and dog walking, so there is not the high cost of overhead of running a storefront as in typical franchises. Why become a franchisee rather than just start your own small business on your own? Becoming a Pet Sit Pros franchisee lets you skip many of the costly mistakes and investments that it would take to build a successful high-tech pet sitting and dog walking business on your own. We know how to run an in-home pet care business because we’re owners too. We’ve spent countless hours getting the local model just right. In addition, we’re building high-tech solutions for the mobile connected future of the pet sitting and dog walking industry – many that your clients and competitors have never seen before. Our pet sitting and dog walking franchise program will give you the tools to become a pet care leader in your area! New franchises across the country will also promote job growth as all of the current franchise owners have hired people to help them with their clients.  Goldfischer’s own location in Long Beach, CA, employs 14 pet sitters, dog walkers and a manager. To learn more Pet Sit Pros, Inc. franchise opportunities in California and across the US go to or for more information about the company go to For media inquiries or to set up an interview with Jay Goldfischer, contact Jay Goldfischer at or call Jay at (855) 856-PETS (7387).