Keep Your Dog Walks Safe During A Heatwave

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 4.51.04 PM We all are feeling the heat this summer! This weekend will be especially hot with temperatures hitting the mid to high 80’s. With that said, here are 5 tips to keep your beloved pup safe while walking this steamy weekend.

Paw Checks

Checking your dogs paws before a walk is essential during hot weather.  If they seem delicate  don’t walk your pet.  While walking stop in shady areas and check your dogs paws again. If they feel too hot, stay off the pavement and only walk them on shady, grassy areas.

Don’t Go The Distance

Walking on your street may be boring but in order too keep your pet safe it’s necessary.  Keeping your walks near your home allows your dog to get back into the house if they become overheated and need to cool down.  Being near your house also allows you to access water and air conditioning that can help you cool their paws.

Short Walk

In this heat a 10 minutes walk is the equivalent of a 30-40 minute walk.  You won’t need a longer walk for your pet, the weather is part of the workout.

Avoid Pavement and Asphalt

Never walk your dog on hot asphalt, pavement or sand. Avoid walking your dog if the temperature is over 85F and use dog booties to protect your pets paws during walks. Asphalt can be 30-40 degrees hotter than the outside air temperture.

Timing is Everything!

Your safest bet during a heatwave is walking your dog early morning and late night. The truth is that not only will the weather be cooler but so will the ground.  If you aren’t able to walk your pet too late or early  try not to walk them at least between 1 PM – 6 PM. Remember pet owners, safety first! The summer is surely a season where owners should take a bit more precaution with their pets. We hope these 5 summer safety tips will help you this weekend  in keeping your pet healthy and safe. Pet Sit Pros can help you with caring your pet, call us today and find out how at here.