Halloween DIY Costumes For Your Pet

DIY PET Costumes Lets face it Halloween is around the corner and that means it’s time to think about….your pet’s costume! Think out of the box this year and don’t buy a costume, make a DIY costume for your furry friend instead. Here are our top 5 DIY costumes for your pet this season.

1) Ghost:  

There is nothing more original or classic than the ghost DIY costume. This will probably take you less than 1 minute and you even have to spend a dime on this costume. Just use an old blanket and cut three whole into it and Voila!    
Photo Credit: Instagram user jinwood74

2) Zombie:

Nothing has swept the nation/world like the zombie movement. Everyone loves zombie movies and shows like the “Walking Dead,” so why not dress up your pet as a zombie for Halloween. Don’t fight the trend, we are sure this DIY costume will be a crowd pleasure at a pet friendly party this Halloween. Zombie-Pet
Photo Credit: Deviant Art user LaskaWolf

3) Frozen

Forget a fairy costume, if you want to go whimsical Elsa from Frozen is the costume for your pet. Elsa-Dog-Costume
Photo Credit: Jaderbomb

4) Cerberus

As pet owners you love your pet and sometimes you might even wish you could have a clone of your dog or cat forever. Well that’s not possible yet… but a Cerberus DIY costume will allow you to have two fake clones of your pet for one night. This costume is as simple as going to the store and shopping for identical stuff animals of your pet and strapping them to opposite sides of your pet’s neck ! Easy peasy…right! Cerberus
Photo Credit: Deviant Art user arania

5) Sushi:

I love sushi…you love sushi, most of us love sushi! People will appreciate your pet’s DIY sushi costume and probably invite you out for an all you can eat sushi buffet afterwards. ae8dc6fb6f36ed2a13a99d48612ae184
Photo Credit: Caturday
We hope these 5 DIY pet costume ideas will help you get a head start on your Halloween plans. Find out how  Pet Sit Pros can help you with caring for your pet, call us today and find out how at here.

3 Foods To Share With Your Pet At A Bbq

Every pet owner knows it is hard to deny your adorable pets face when they run up to you expecting to be part of the BBQ. Did you know there are certain foods you could share with your fury friend? You no longer have to feel guilty about eating your delicious food in front of your pet, here are the top three foods your pet can enjoy with you.

1) Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a taste, safe, and refreshing treat for your pet. Blackberries are a great source of antioxidants and high in vitamins such as vitamin C,K, A and E. Kiwis are also a great addition you can add to you fruit salad. Kiwis have a great boost of vitamin C. Lately, watermelon is a rejuvenating fruit your pet will love. It is also a great source of vitamins C and A, potassium and magnesium. Remember to take out the seeds before giving it to your pet.

2) Chicken

If your dog needs some extra protein in their diet then chicken can be a great protein booster. It should always  be cooked and preferably unseasoned chicken. It is an easy addition to your dogs regular meal plan.

3) Hot Dogs

Hot dogs can be a tasty treat you can share with your dog. Keep in mind that it is best for your pet if you cut in up into smaller pieces and feed them one piece at a time. I will make it easier for your pet to swallow.      

Wet N’ Wild With Your Pet



Summer is a perfect time to play in the water with you pet. The weather is hot and water activities will help your dog stay cool. Many dogs enjoy swimming as much as humans. Whether your wet n’ wild fun involves swimming or splashing, both you and your dog will can benefit from some water play this time of year.

Know Your Dog:

Every pet is different– knowing the correct water activity for your pet is key when planning an activity. For instance, short snouted dogs may not be able to breathe well while swimming, and deep-chested, muscular dogs have a harder time staying afloat. To ensure that your pooch is fit for the pool, check with your veterinarian first and get their nod of approval.

Be Gentle:

Our furry friends all have different personalities and feelings. If you are going to play with them in the pool or around any body of water, make sure not to startle them. Slowly introducing them to the feeling of getting wet is an important step if that’s what they need. If they are going to be swimming or near big bodies of water make sure to put a life jacket on them for safety.

Here are  Water activities that are perfect for your pet

  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Running on the ocean shore
  • Swimming at a dog friendly pool
  • Water retrieval at a lake or ocean
  • Paddleboarding
  • Splashing in a plastic baby pool
  • Running through community fountains

Keep  An Eye On Your Pet:

Lakes and pools are often surrounded by all kinds of wildlife and tempting birds. Be sure to keep track of your dogs location at all times and make sure they don’t wander off. Also, be sure to not let your dog overwork themselves in the water. Swimming can be very physically demanding and requires many breaks.

Before letting your dog swim in natural surroundings, survey the area for safety. Rivers and oceans can change frequently– consider the currents, tides, underwater hazards before letting your pooch play in the water.  In the late summer, algae scum on the top of standing water can be toxic, producing substances that can kill a pet who swallows the water. When in doubt, treat the situtation like you would a child: better safe than sorry.

Keep Your Dog Cool:

Bring fresh water and keep yourself and your dog hydrated constantly. Dogs can dehydrate just like you can.  When your dog is tired, call it a day.

At Pet Sit Pros we know how to keep your dog happy and healthy during the summer months. Call us today and find out how at here.