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Safety Tips: Keep Your Pet Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and along with family and friends may come unwanted mischief. This Thanksgiving keep your pet safe by knowing what circumstances to avoid. There are certain foods and decorations that your pet should stay away from. Here are a few items you should keep away from your pet.

The Turkey Type

If you wish to feed your dog any bits of turkey this Thanksgiving make sure it is properly cooked. Be sure to cook the turkey fully to avoid exposing your pet to salmonella bacteria. This bacteria could potentially make your pet sick. Make sure you thoroughly check for bones as they cause be rather hazardous to your pet.

You may think that feeding your pet turkey skin would be a little healthier; however, it can be fattening and hard to digest. When feeding your dong any bits of turkey make sure that you peel the skin off to help trim some of the excess fat.

No Sweets

I know you may want to indulge your little one with a tasty treat such as cake; however, keep your pet away from cake batter, any raw eggs in the batter may lead to salmonella bacteria and even food poisoning.

Also remember that chocolate is toxic to our pets. Make sure that any pieces of candy that are left out can not be easily accessible to your pet.

Holiday Decorations

We all know that pets have no filter when it comes to playing around with our things so make sure that you keep all decorations away from your pet. If your pet tries to chew on any decorations they might swallow items hazardous to them. Some plants have chemicals in them to help preserve them a little longer. If your pet has access to the water it can be rather damaging. The chemicals that are seeping down from the tree or plant could be quit poisonous, make sure you are watching over your pets properly!