5 Cold Weather Tips For Your Pets This Winter

Temperatures are quickly dropping and with El Nino on its way, it’s about to be a cold, wet winter. Your pets, much like yourself, are probably not use to cold weather. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help keep your pets warm this winter.

Keep your pets inside 


This may seem like an obvious one, but keep your pet indoors, especially at night. Temperature can drop to freezing during the night and that’s not fun for anyone. Pets can get sick too, if they’re exposed to cold and wet weather.

Keep your pets hydrated & well fed


It takes your pets extra energy to stay warm, so increase their water and food consumption to match. Making sure there is fresh water all the times is most important.

Dress for the season


Dress your pets in sweaters for walks in the early morning or late evening. Especially if your pet has short hair, it’s important to keep them warm. Look for sweaters with a high collar that cover their necks and goes far enough down to cover their bellies.

Heading up to the mountains for a ski trip?


Remember to keep an eye on your dogs. It’s probably best not to let them off their leash. Dogs can lose their scent easily in the snow and become lost. Also, make sure they are properly equipped with identification, such as ID tags or a microchips, before you leave.

Be cautious when you start your car

Outdoor cats love the warmth that comes from you engine. Especially when it’s cold out, cats love to sleep underneath the hood of your car. When you start the engine, the cat can be severely injured or killed. Bang on the hood of your car in the morning before ignition.