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You’ve heard that a tired dog is a happy dog but regular dog walks, exercise and playtime also make a healthy dog. A nutritious diet and proper exercise will ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight and helps prevent heart disease and arthritis. Dogs also suffer from stress and depression just as humans. At Pet Sit Pros, we place a premium on fitness and endless love and affection, which helps to alleviate these symptoms. We offer 30, 45 or 60 minute dog walking visits to keep your pups happy during the day while you are at work or on evenings you get stuck late at the office or plan a full day out of the house on weekends.

*Rates listed for single dog. Small fee for additional dogs.

1x Free Meet & Greet Each new client relationship begins with a free 30-minute Meet & Greet FREE
30 Minute Dog Walk 30 minutes (AM, MIDDAY, AFTERNOON or PM) Varies by area
45 Minute Dog Walk 45 minutes (AM, MIDDAY, AFTERNOON or PM) Enter Zip on Right
60 Minute Walk 60 minutes (AM, MIDDAY, AFTERNOON or PM) Varies by area
Priority or Holiday Dog Walk 30 minutes (AM, MIDDAY, AFTERNOON or PM)
Priority is any visit scheduled same day, after 8 PM prior evening or with special accommodations.
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